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Other Lending Options

Term Loans - Secured Loans - Working Capital - SBA Loans - Credit Lines - Equipment Loans - Residential & Commercial Real Estate Investments - Commercial Solar Projects - Mergers & Aquisitions ... and More

From here you can apply for multiple types of lending options with ONE Application and No Hard Credit Pull so No Effect on Your Credit.  We will never do a hard pull on your credit without calling you first. Submit your application and then send an email to with your last 6 months of business bank statements attached and with a description of your situation and what kind of lending options you are interested in.

Call/Text Anytime: (954) 228-2855

Unsecured Working Capital


Fastest Loan and Easiest Loan to be Approved for. We can have up to $1-Million in Your Business Account in a Matter of Days but the Average is $50k to $500K.  Please Contact Rodney to Discuss if You Have Questions.

Secured Loans


Cheaper Cost of Money Longer Terms but subject to Bank Underwriting. 45 to 90 Days Underwriting Process and Full Documentation Required

Term Loans:

Can be Secured or Unsecured - Longer time on the terms but better credit and higher income requirements.

Equipment Loans

Trucks, Vans, Heavy Equipment, Medical Equipment, Electronics, Computers, Restaurant Equipment, Laboratory Equipment, more....

Personal Loans

20K to $400k - Up to 7 Year Term Rates Starting at 5.49% Flat Rate - Can be used for Business Start-up

Line of Credit

Alternative Credit lines to $250k and Conventional Credit Lines to $2-Million. Business should be doing at least $2-Million Per Year in Gross Deposits to Apply with at least a 650 FICO Score and 3 Years Time in Business.

Invoice Factoring

Get paid on your invoices in advance for improved cash flow rather than waiting 30, 60 or 90 days 

When Your Application
is Completed Please Download and Attach Your Last 6 Months Bank Statements to an email to

Please Click Here Now to Get on Our Calendar for a Quick Zero Stress No Pressure Phone Consultation. We can answer your questions and explain your options and let you go to think about how you want to proceed.

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